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Body wellness and proper nutrition are two of the main focuses when implementing chiropractic plans to assist patients in rehabilitation after suffering a personal injury following a car accident or workers compensation as well as monitoring pain management. With bilingual offices available in their three locations: ChicagoTinley Park and Crestwood, the chiropractors can provide spinal adjustments and massage therapy services to help alleviate back pain, neck pain, and headaches which may stem from such personal injuries, in addition to injuries that may build over a course of time such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

Carpal tunnel and arthritis can cause great pain and can be connected to other problem areas within the body. It is important to understand what kind of care is available to minimize the discomfort from headachesback pain and neck pain and to maximize body comfort and mobility.

For those who have sustained a personal injury in the Chicago, Tinley Park or Crestwood area, whether it is a soft tissue injury from a workers compensation incident or an injury following a car accident, there can be residual pains that may occur including the previously mentioned back pain, neck pain and headaches. The chiropractic techniques implemented and the stress relieving treatments by a massage therapist provides an overall recovery plan necessary for injury repair, assistance for pain management and return to normal body functioning.

Including Massage Therapy as Part of a Treatment Plan

For those who seek treatment in the Chicago,Tinley Park and Crestwood areas, each office maintains the same office hours and is available to provide a full consultation with a chiropractor to determine what is necessary to ensure that wellness, nutrition and care for the body are maintained.

The chiropractors believe "Together we can light up the world" when providing chiropractic care and striving to fully meet each of their patient's needs. This care includes information for the importance of good nutrition and a wellness outlook that provides benefits to a patient's daily health. The plan may include spinal adjustments, massage therapy, concentrated attention on pain management and strengthening at-home exercises, which are all essentials in reaching the goal of having the body recover as quickly, efficiently and comfortably as possible.

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