Are you connected, so you can heal?

Chiropractors facilitate healing in the human body well.  God has blessed us with a talent to connect people to the inner power to heal.  There is a life force that inside of each of us, called innate intelligence.  It is what gives us life.  It’s what separates us from a dead body.  It keep’s our hearts beating.  Innate intelligence is what heals us when we are sick or cut.  Innate Intelligence travels through the nervous system.  There are things that can block our innate from following called subluxations.  Subluxations are things that interfere with innate.  Such as vertebrae that are misaligned, muscles that spasm, swollen or tight. These misalignments are caused by stress, chemical, mental, and physical.   Chiropractor that removes these deadly subluxations, so innate intelligence can flow through us. So we can, live, heal and function the way we were designed.  Connected

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